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What Our Members Say

Love this place. Fitness staff are great at meeting you where you are and taking you to next level of your fitness. I have been a member for going on ten years and they trimmed my waist and improved my overall health.

—Jay D., Member

NIFS had a very welcoming atmosphere. Everybody was very friendly & the facilities itself was great! I enjoy how NIFS always has something for everyone. Rather it be contest, group challenges, and even providing trainers for varieties of marathon. Personally I would encourage anyone who's looking to maintain a healthy life or seeking help on fitness , etc - to visit NIFS

—Nu K., Member

We are so lucky to have this facility in Indianapolis. It is, hands down, the highest quality, most affordable fitness facility I have experienced. And I haven't found a more knowledgable trainers ANYWHERE.

—Tami H., Member

I love NIFS because of their program diversity. There are several programs offered and there's various times that they're offered. The staff is so welcoming and I've had so much support from my trainers and friends. You can do personal, group or individual classes, and there's always some personal/group challenge going on. It's the best gym in Indy in my opinion!

—Felesa A., Member


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