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Game of Inches


Game of Inches

October 15-January 6

Challenge yourself to stay fit this holiday season—our weekly workouts and tips will help!

Choose the Challenge that's Right for You:

1) Loss of Inches

Category 1: Inch Loss Challenge (Geared towards those trying to lose weight)

  • Cumulative inches (cm) lost
  • Measurements taken from waist, hips, thigh using the innovative Fit 3D scanner.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards given
2) Gain of Muscle Mass

Category 2: Inch Gain Challenge (Geared towards those trying to put on muscle mass)

  • Cumulative inches (cm) gained
  • Measurements taken from right on the following bicep, forearm, bust, thigh, calf using the innovative Fit 3D scanner.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards given


Scan-In: October 15-21
Scan-Out: December 31-January 6

*Same clothing must be worn for scan in and scan out
*Scan in/out must be done between specified dates by a NIFS Trainer.

Program Details:

  • Two videos per week tailored to both categories (weight loss style workout or powerlifting style workout)
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Holiday in-house workouts: 4 workouts at NIFS (Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve).

Non-member: $130 (will be applied to cover initiation fee if joining as NIFS member).
Member: FREE with donation to Paws Pantry pasta shelf (i.e.: marinara, parm cheese, boxes of pasta).


Members register at the track desk.
Non-members pay at the service desk then head to the track desk to get registered.

For more information contact Tony Maloney at tmaloney@nifs.org or call the NIFS Service desk at 317.274.3432 ext. 216.