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Slim It to Win It

Pick your coach, pick your team for this 8-week weight loss challenge!

6:30Slim It to Win It

January 13th – March 8th

Our 8-week small group weight loss competition is back for 2020! Pick your coach and team and have fun while you Slim It to Win It!

Sign up:

December 9th—January 12th; at the service desk
Pre-Fit3D scan completed January 2nd-January 14th



January 13th—March 8th
Post-Fit3D scan MUST be completed March 9th-March 14th.

NOTE: Be sure to complete your pre-Fit3D scan BEFORE your first team training session. Schedule your Fit3D scan at the track desk.

Sign ups for program are at the NIFS service desk. Pay for the program and receive a sticker. Place that sticker with your name on the board (in the hallway) for the coach and team you want to join!

Program includes:

  • Pre- and post- Fit3D scans

  • Two 60-minute small group training sessions a week with your coach and team

  • Program T-Shirt

  • 8 habit "challenge" homework assignments to help you form new, healthier daily habits

  • Weekly newsletter with helpful tips to be successful

Team Times and Coaches:

Maximum of 10 people per team.

Lauren: M/W 6am
Thomas: T/TH 6am
Tony: T/Th 12pm
Tinisi: T/Th 6:30pm
Keith: M/W 6pm
Claudia: M/W5pm


Program cost:

  • $50 for members (fee is waived if you get a non-NIFS member to sign up with you!)
  • $190 for guests (includes full access to NIFS for duration of program, may apply $75 of this fee to your NIFS join fee following the program).
  • Five dollars from each entry will be donated to the NIFS Lifestyle Rx scholarship program.


To be eligible for prizes:

  1. Complete pre- and post- FIT3D
  2. Attend 13 sessions (Saturday sessions can be used for make-up)
  3. Complete 7 of 8 habit homework assignments (tracked by coaches and not on hallway board at request), send “badges” upon completion

Determination of winners: Highest difference between Body Shape Rating (BSR – calculation of wellness)

Definition: Body Shape Rating (BSR): Summary Fit3D extracted SBSI, ABSI, Trunk to Leg Volume Ratio, body fat percentage, and BMI from more than 26,000 scans. Fit3D then evaluated the correlation between each algorithm and calculated the weighted values for the health risk outcomes based on the overall Fit3D user population. This results in a Body Shape Rating (BSR). 

  • Winning team members will each receive 3 FREE months of membership at NIFS.
  • Top male and female will receive 1 month FREE Ramp Up to Weight Loss Program (additional 2 months can be prorated if on a winning team). Ramp Up to Weight Loss includes two 30-minute
    one-on-one training sessions a week with a trainer.*
  • Runner up male and female will receive one FREE Nutrition Consultation.