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Healthy Lifestyle Rx Program

NIFS provides exercise prescriptions to individuals struggling with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, COPD, cancer and/or arthritis or those in need of an organ transplant, recovering from a heart attack, stroke or other severe medical issue.

NIFS Healthy Lifestyle Rx Program can help!

The NIFS Healthy Lifestyle Rx Program teaches participants how to manage and prevent the progression of their disease(s) or condition(s) through:

  • Exercise
  • Self-monitoring
  • Education
  • Healthy lifestyle changes

Our goal is to help participants progress to independence. Everyone's condition is different so we work closely with each participant's physician to develop a personalized fitness plan addressing their/your specific needs.

Healthy Lifestyle Rx has helped members:
  • Recover from heart attacks and strokes
  • Survive organ transplants
  • Stop smoking
  • Stop taking diabetes medication
  • Slow the progress of cardio and pulmonary disease
  • Have more energy during cancer treatment

Healthy Lifestyle Rx Scholarships

Fitness is for everyone. Healthy Lifestyle RX Scholarships are available to those with a qualifying medical condition, and based on financial need. Applications must be submitted with all required documentation. Please complete the form above for more information.