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Teambuilding at NIFS

NIFS Corporate Teambuilding Program responds to the growing need for corporate camaraderie, creative problem solving and effective communication through active learning teambuilding events.

  • Do you want to improve communication and understanding between management, staff and departments?
  • Would an amiable work environment help you hire and retain good employees?
  • Do you want employees who are motivated, team-oriented and open to change?

Teambuilding Activities

Fun is central to the experience at NIFS. Fun activities get people involved, are motivational and instill an atmosphere of creative energy. The spacious 65,000 square foot Fitness Center at NIFS serves as the playing field for the various games. We can also come to your site. Sample ActivitiesThe NIFS Corporate Teambuilding program games and activities are geared toward various team building concepts and are played in a unique, fun, and active way.