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Fitness Assessments at NIFS

Whether your goal is to perform better or to lose weight, we offer testing and screening options which can provide you with valuable information about your body and help identify barriers which could impede your progress.

Personal Fitness Evaluation (PFE)

Every NIFS member receives a free Personal Fitness Evaluation at the beginning of their membership. It can also be repeated at anytime for free.

The PFE serves two basic purposes: It allows our Health/Fitness Specialists to objectively evaluate your present level of physical fitness, which is helpful in assessing your needs, setting goals, and developing your Personal Workout Plan. It also helps you to monitor your progress and make any necessary modifications to achieve your fitness goals.

The PFE evaluates the five major components of physical fitness, including:

  5. BODY COMPOSITION (Your body composition will be measured in our BOD POD® where you'll sit comfortably while computerized pressure sensors determine the amount of air displaced by your body.) All members receive one free BOD POD®  per calendar year.

Guests to NIFS may schedule a Personal Fitness Evaluation by calling (317) 274-3432 ext. 260. The cost for non-members is $80 or emailTony Maloney.

Free Fitness Assessment


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bod-pod-new.jpgThe BOD POD® is the gold standard in body composition tracking and NIFS has it. This device accurately measures the percentage of body fat and lean body mass, enabling you to track your body composition more effectively over time.

Click here to learn more and schedule your BOD POD.

NIFS members receive one BOD POD assessment annually with membership.

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FIT3D ProScanner®

Track measurements and changes in your body shape over time with the Fit3D scans.  Screen_Shot_2016-03-07_at_11.27.07_AM.png


Click here to learn more and schedule a scan.

NIFS members receive one Fit3D Scan annually with membership.


describe the imageFunctional Movement Screening (FMS)

FMS-logo.jpgMake your workouts safer and your body stronger. Seven screens provide data on the basic functional movements of the body.

Click here to learn more and schedule an FMS.describe the image

Aerobic Capacity (VO2 max) Assessment

Achieve better results in weight-loss, general fitness or athletic performance with a VO2 assessment. With a VO2 assessment, your body's oxygen consumption can be measured directly instead of indirectly or estimated.

Click here to learn more.

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Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

Discover what your body's basic caloric needs are to determine a nutrition and exercise action plan that fits your unique needs!

Click here to learn more.
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