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National Institute for
Fitness and Sport

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About Us

NIFS 65,000-square-foot fitness center, located in downtown Indianapolis on the IUPUI campus, has over 3,000 members and some of the most up-to-date equipment in the industry. We offer full-service training and coaching options as well as fitness assessments like the BOD POD®, NIFS3D scanner, and VO2 testing.

Fitness Center Management by NIFS provides top-notch service to more than 40 onsite fitness centers for corporations and retirement communities across the nation. In addition, our online wellness program, Health YOUniversity, provides e-based services for companies across the country.

We also partner with IU Executive Health and Indiana University School of Medicine to conduct numerous research projects which have been published in national journals and other publications.

Through our Nutrition and Wellness department, NIFS is able to provide wellness presentations, and webinars to corporations and the local community.

Our Educational Services has hosted field trips for all ages and grades with more than 15,000 kids visiting each year and our Athletic Performance staff trains the IUPUI athletic teams and also provides athletic performance programming to our members.

Our facility, diverse services, and professional, degreed, and innovative staff make us unique in the fitness industry.

NIFS Mission Statement
The National Institute for Fitness and Sport is dedicated to enhancing human health, physical fitness, and athletic performance through research, education and service for people of all ages and abilities. The NIFS mission is carried out through a variety of departments, including Athletic Performance, Corporate and Senior Fitness Management Services, Educational Services, and our public Fitness Center located in downtown Indianapolis.


The National Institute for Fitness and Sport (NIFS) is a non-profit organization governed by a board of trustees. NIFS was established in 1985 by community leaders and opened its doors with the help of grants from Lilly Endowment, Inc.; the State of Indiana; and the City of Indianapolis. November 1, 1988, marked the dedication of the 117,000-square-foot Institute and the opening of the Fitness Center, which serves thousands of members. 

We have been in the fitness business since 1988 under the same management and in the same location. We are an independent, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Indiana University owns our building, which we lease, and we are proud to be working partners with them. We are overseen by our own board of trustees. 

NIFS has performed numerous research projects that have been published in national journals and other publications and has provided services to organizations around the country. In addition, NIFS has a Corporate Fitness Management Department that staffs 30 onsite fitness centers for corporations in eight states around the country, and our corporate outreach program provides e-based services for companies in 18 states. NIFS also conducts education and certification programs that draw in attendees from around the nation.