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IU Indianapolis Students

IU Indianapolis Students, before hitting your gym goals at NIFS, remember to take care of the paperwork first -

you must pay your IU Indianapolis Recreation Fee.



IF you are BRAND NEW to NIFS
then register here:


This option is only for students who have NEVER
been entered into NIFS database.

You still need to pay your Rec fee beforehand and
each semester going forward.

Member Services Hours:
Monday -Thursday  8a-7p
Friday 8a-6p
Saturday 10a-4p

Phone: 317-274-3432 ext. 279

Student membership includes:


IU Indianapolis Faculty/Staff

$95 Join Fee and $39.50/month or $474/year
(not eligible for parking pass through NIFS).

Membership includes:

What our members say:

I have been a member of NIFS for over five (5) years and love this place. The venue is a wonderful workout facility. The instructors are incredible and knowledgeable. I have became great friends with many fellow members, including staff.

Jennifer S., Member

This gym is awesome. Not spanking new like the downtown YMCA at Cityway, but they have every piece of equipment you could ever dream of. The group fitness classes and schedule are great. I especially love the cycle class on Tuesday with Amanda, and the Wednesday night yoga. Boot camp is also great and doesn't charge an extra fee like some other gyms. Same with TRX.

Danielle P., Member

This is by far the best training facility in Indy! The classes and the equipment are top notch. I LOVE being a NIFS member! It's definitely worth checking out if you like an awesome facility to work out at!

Sam C., Member