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Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

A Safer Workout, A Stronger You!

Right and left side imbalances might exist in your body at very basic levels of movement. Not addressing these prior to conditioning, fitness activities, training and competition may rob your body of efficiency and increase the potential for injury. Often these issues are hidden due to the body's ability to compensate for imbalances by substituting other movement patterns. Seven screens provide data on the basic functional movements of the body.

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Taking a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) will expose neuromuscular weaknesses and allow you to develop a strong, balanced body by:

  • Identifying physical imbalances or weaknesses and then strengthen them with simple corrective exercises
  • Improving mobility and stability
  • Improving functional and athletic performance
  • Reducing the potential for injury
  • Improving the efficiency of how the core maintains stability and assists in transferring and generating power/stress
  1. Deep Squat
  2. Hurdle Step
  3. In-Line Lunge
  4. Shoulder Mobility
  5. Active Straight Leg Raise
  6. Trunk Stability Push-Up
  7. Rotational Stability
Cost: Included your NIFS membership. Guests: $60 each.