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Thomas’ Corner: Setting the Bar and Realistic Expectations

results"Rome wasn’t built in a day.” An obvious observation that can transcend most of life’s challenges, I heard that somewhere. So, would that rule make any exceptions for your fitness goals? For “new to fitness” individuals, a major obstacle they must overcome is the reality that instant results are almost impossible to attain and that it takes a little more than six minutes of ab work to be ready for spring break (or your wedding, reunion, etc.).

Outside of hard work and consistency in the gym, to see results, we must factor in not only nutrition, but also gender, age, genetics, health issues, and training styles. Does this make you want to pack your bags? Well, please unpack your bags, friend, because there are some factors that are in your control. Keep coming to the gym; consistency is the key. Along with eating clean and training smart, you should have no problem seeing results―just not tomorrow.

Muscleheads, rejoice and evolve!

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