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Small Group Training EXPRESS: Get a 30-Minute Strength Workout

GT class.jpgHave you ever wanted to try out small group training? If you’ve wanted to but have never taken the step to do so, maybe you share some of the same concerns as many others. A common concern that I often hear is that working out for a full 60 minutes is not currently your cup of tea because of your schedule or fitness level. Maybe you have seen people in SGT workouts before and you don’t feel up to that level. Or maybe you just haven't gotten around to it yet.

If any of these things strikes a chord, I have something that might be in your future. I am excited to announce that I have started small group training EXPRESS! This express-style group training will offer the same benefits as regular group training and a similar format, but for 30 minutes instead of 60!


Here are the top 3 reasons I think you should try it.

1. The 30-Minute Format Is Perfect for Those Shorter on Time

SGT EXPRESS is only 30 minutes! That is 2.08% of your day. You get to the gym, get in a great workout with the perk of training with others, and before you know it you are finished. I think some days short and sweet workouts are all you need. I know some may be thinking, 30 minutes, is that even worth it? The answer is yes! You will still benefit from a 30-minute workout. During this half hour, we will simply maximize every minute instead of spanning it over an entire hour. So don’t let the shorter time keep you from trying it. Also, this class is offered during the lunch hour, perfect for squeezing a workout into your busy day and clearing your mind before getting back to work.

2. Get in That Much-Needed Strength Workout

If you have only 30 minutes to work out, many people don’t think they can squeeze in a good strength session, so they go on a run instead. With SGT EXPRESS, you will get that total-body strength workout that you need to get in for the week. No need to think about what you can squeeze in; the workout is already planned for you. A typical SGT EXPRESS workout will consist of a warmup, core/power movement, a strength portion, and a finisher to leave you walking out knowing that you had a great workout.

3. All Fitness Levels Are Welcome—and the Group Setting Will Give You Motivation to Push Yourself

SGT EXPRESS is for a beginner or a veteran of exercise. All exercises have different progressions that can easily be adapted to meet any fitness level. I will coach you in choosing what works best for you. Training in a group setting also brings out most people’s competitive side. The group will help you push yourself harder than if you just came in for 30 minutes on your own. Don’t let the SGT part of it scare you away.


Try your first SGT EXPRESS session led by trainer Kaci Lierman FREE! Contact Kaci at klierman@nifs.org for more information.

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This blog was written by Kaci Lierman, NIFS Personal Trainer. To read more about the NIFS bloggers, click here.