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NIFS 25th Anniversary: Charter Member Dean Behrmann

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Charter member Dean Behrmann talks about why he started coming to NIFS and what has kept him
coming back for 25 years. Watch his video.

Dean was also featured in a NIFS video back in 2009. Click here to watch.

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NIFS 25th Anniversary: Charter Member Candy Lander

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Charter member Candy Lander talks about her favorite things about NIFS. Watch Video.

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Ready, Set, Row! The NIFS Staff Rowing Challenge Is Back

Get ready for the 2013 Annual Staff Rowing Challenge here at NIFS! If you are looking for a little bit of friendly competition as the winter rolls in, be sure to sign up with a team this year! The competition is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is sign up for a team; row, row, row; record your meters; and watch the boats on the string-line in front of the rower to see if your team is winning the race!

WARNING: This competition can be pretty intense (all in fun), so bring your “A” game!

For those of you who participated last year, you probably remember how it all turned out in the end. For those of you who didn’t, here are the results from last year:

2012 Team Total Meters Rowed

  1. Tony: 730,336
  2. Rick: 483,377
  3. Adam: 413,370
  4. Ben: 325,370
  5. Mike: 242,032rowing NIFS
  6. Cara: 213,230
  7. Tasha: 206,304
  8. Brad: 199,438
  9. Josh: 90,726
  10. Alex: 84,505
  11. Christy: 83,793
  12. Steph: 77,543
  13. Thomas: 59,297

             Do you know the right way to row?
             Watch our video with Tony and Alex!
             They will show you the proper form before
             you get started!

2012 Team Average Meters Rowed

  1. Ben: 46,481
  2. Adam: 45, 930
  3. Rick: 30,212
  4. Tony: 26,083
  5. Cara: 21,323
  6. Brad: 16,620
  7. Tasha: 12,894
  8. Alex: 12,072
  9. Thomas: 11,859
  10. Christy: 9,310
  11. Mike: 9,309
  12. Steph: 7,754
  13. Josh: 7,560
This year we are adding a little bit of a twist to the program that will be sure to make the race even more exciting and competitive than it has been in the past. Here are the ground rules for the program this year:
  • Choose your team and sign up with a Health Fitness
    Specialist at the track desk for your team starting November 18.
  • Between November 25 at 6am and December 24 at 2pm, row!
  • There are two ways to utilize your meters rowed this year. In the tracking binder located at the track desk, record your meters rowed immediately following your rowing session, either for your team or against another team. Your meters rowed can only count for one or the other.
  • All rowing must take place at NIFS to count toward your team total.
  • Your HFS will move your team boat along the line to show how well your team is doing against the others.
  • There will be two winning teams that will have bragging rights as champions for the year: the team with the most total meters rowed and the team with the highest individual average.

Sign up before Monday 11/25! We are looking forward to another exciting race this year! If you have any questions about the program, contact Stephanie Kaiser at sgreer@nifs.org or 274-2432, ext. 226.

This blog was written by Stephanie Kaiser. Click here to learn more about the NIFS bloggers.

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Fitness Horror Stories

We have all had it happen….Pushed ourselves so hard in a workout we had trouble sitting down for days afterward, forgotten an important article of clothing for post-workout and had to go to work in smelly gym clothes, and the list goes on.

Because we have all had a moment of “horror” at the gym, in honor of Halloween we thought it would be fun to reach out to our members and staff to compile a list of the most frightening scenarios that have actually happened to us at the gym.

What's my fitness horror story?  
After a 13 day hiatus from all BODYPUMP™ due to my honeymoon I thought I would be fine jumping right back into class with the normal weight on my barbell.  My new husband and I were active on the trip as we went hiking nearly every day and walked everywhere, but I we didn’t do any weight lifting.  I felt fine during the BODYPUMP™ class, but boy was I in poor shape the 4 DAYS after!  That is the MOST sore my entire body has ever been!


Now for some more frightening fitness stories from members and NIFS staff:

“I decided to run a half marathon without a single day of training and ran the entire distance in under 2:30. I could not walk for 2 weeks!!! Literally!!”

“During my first triathlon I made the mistake of only bringing one water bottle to the race. Within the first few minutes of the bike I dropped it and had no water for the rest of my ride leaving me extremely dehydrated for the run!” –Stephanie Kaiser, NIFS staff

“I trained hard for a trail marathon, my first marathon, eat right, got rest, was ready to go except……near mile 4 my foot/ankle twisted and I broke my 5th (outside) metatarsal, I had broken that foot when I was younger so I knew immediately, BUT I trained hard not just to run for 45 min.  I tightened my shoe, hit all the ice cold creeks I could to “ice” the foot, and finished the marathon in just over 5 hours. Thanks to my friend Sarah I got thru (and she could drive me home).” Kris Simpson, NIFS staff

“Over a year ago I attended my third CrossFit class in where I performed the workout “Angie”. Less than a week later, and one week before my 30th birthday, I was in the ER being treated for Rhabdomyolosis a condition in which the muscle breaks down so much it enters the blood stream and can cause kidney failure among other consequences. Luckily my kidneys weren’t damage but I did “enjoy” a hefty hospital bill.  From time to time I still deal with pain in my arms and  the anxiety that I might have it again!” Penny Pohlmann NIFS Corporate Fitness Staff

“Do members that workout in their underwear count?  I mean, I find it pretty horrific.”

“I joined a fun game of ultimate Frisbee while volunteering at a children’s summer camp. Unable to hold back my competitiveness, I tumbled over 3 children while sprinting and diving for the Frisbee. Needless to say, I didn’t catch the Frisbee and I fractured my ankle in the process!”

“I decided to try out a move I saw on “Biggest Loser” where you jump up onto an upside-down BOSU. I had pretty solid landings for the first few I tried, so I started to get cocky, and then fell off and twisted my knee. I wasn’t able to do cardio for about 2 weeks!” Michelle Meadows, NIFS Corporate Fitness staff

“In September 2009 I attended my very first spinning class. It was a great class, though I had no idea how to do most of the things we did, and indeed it was the very first time I had ever been on anything that resembled a bike in any way. I was 50 years old at the time and could barely walk up a flight of stairs, I was about 60 pounds heavier than I am currently. I DID make it to the end of the 60 minute class though my eyes were focused on the clock. As painful as the class was, the real pain was to come the next day, and for the 3 following days. It took my body close to a week to recover from that very first spinning class, though I was already hooked and went back :)”

“I trained like crazy for the ½ Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati. OH.  I did a great job preparing for the hills on treadmills because we had a very cold, wet and snowy winter.  Little did I know, you can’t really simulate going DOWN hills on a treadmill. It took 3-4 miles to climb this huge hill, but we were down to sea-level within 1 mile.  Needless to say, my quads were burning so bad that I had to us the handicapped restroom at work all week because I couldn’t get up from the seat without a handle…fun-fun!!  LOL!” Anne Murphy, NIFS Corporate Fitness staff

“A member was running a marathon, and at about mile 10 or so, nature #2 called. To make matters worse, this part of the course was through a residential community. Being an avid runner, they found a large neighborhood sign and took care of business. Funny enough, they went on to finish the race with a near PR.”

“I was teaching a group fitness class at a corporate site, and in the middle of class my shorts ripped at the seam while doing squats. Not wanting to disrupt class, I carefully angled my exercises and finished the last half.” Doug Trefun, NIFS Corporate Fitness staff

“I have to put inserts in my running shoes, and doing so I take out the padded insert that comes with the shoe.  I went to a triathlon with my shoes packed in my bag and wore flip flops to the race.  I took the shoes out at the race site and noticed the insoles were not in the shoes.  There were in my shoes at my sister’s where I stayed.  I had to wear the shoes with no insole and it felt like I was barefoot! After 4.5 miles my foot hurt and I was later diagnosed with a stress fracture.”  Kris Simpson, NIFS staff

“I was performing step-ups on stairs, without shoes.  I landed wrong and broke my foot.  I couldn’t do lower body exercises for over six months!”

“Like forgetting your shower towel and only discovering after your work out and when you are supposed to be at work in 45 min.? (Also,  I was carpooling with Mike and was dropped off,  so going home to shower wasn’t an option)  AHHHH the horror…. Drying off with the hand towels provided by Wellpoint at the sink is less then idea…. BUT I got a work out in!“
“I did water aerobics at Gold’s Gym and I thought this would be the easiest workout in the world, well I was fooled. I was the youngest person in the pull and slowest. We had to do a figure eight running up to the top of the pool and all the older (elder) classmates were on their way back to the other side and I was still near the starting point. I felt like I was in a dream running as fast as I could but not moving anywhere. I was totally exhausted after that one hour of water aerobics. “

“I went to an offsite exercise class and was trying to challenge myself.  When it was time to do this one particular drill over half the class left out to walk laps outside because it was hard for some to do. Well, I decided to do it and it ended with me running into the wall and in the emergency room with a broken finger. Needless to say that finger will never be the same.”

“When in Denver I decided to start getting fit I walked to work did ok going to work it was 12 miles, going home I was almost crawling by the time I got there my feel and knees were dying, I am over weight, I was limping the next 4 or 5 days and had blisters on the balls of my feet. ouch.”

Now it’s your turn:
What is one of YOUR fitness horror stories? Share it here!

This blog was written by Tara Rochford, NIFS Membership Manager, Group Fitness Instructor and author of Treble in the Kitchen. Meet all of our NIFS Bloggers.

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