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NIFS Healthy Living Blog

Diversify Your Diet: Try Some Healthy New Ingredients


Winter Weight Loss and Fitness: Pushing Through the Cold

The Impact of Exercise on Chronic Disease: COPD

Dynamite in a Small Package: Mini-band Exercises You Should Be Doing

Go from Sore to SOAR! Preventing Soreness and Injury in Your Workouts

Turn Your Healthy Eating and Nutrition Resolutions into Habits

Scrooged: Growing Older Is Getting Old (Three Keys for Aging Better)

Thomas’s Top Ten: Healthy Holiday Inspirations

Productivity Hacks: Ditch the Productivity Shame Guilt Trip

10 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy While Celebrating the Holidays

Productivity Hacks: Break Up Your Time, Not Your Attention

Gut Check: Digestive Health Boosts Your Immune System

Productivity Hacks: Prioritize Tasks with the Ivy Lee Method

NIFS’s Ramp Up to Weight Loss: Setting Goals for a Healthier Life

Nutrition Label Reading 101: How to Read Your Food’s Package (Part 2)

NIFS Group Fitness Class of the Month: Les Mills BODYATTACK

Weight-Loss Goal Setting: Focus on What Your Body Can Do

Hip Thruster vs. Squat: Which Is Best for Glute Hypertrophy?

Nutrition Label Reading 101: How to Read Your Food’s Package (Part 1)

The Impact of Exercise on Chronic Disease

Melatonin and Metabolism: How Sleep Affects Your Health

The Functional Movement Screen Exercises in Depth

Productivity Hacks: Action vs. Motion—Be Productive Rather Than Busy

STRENGTH: 6 Expert Weightlifting Tips to Be Stronger Than Ever

Why Mindset Matters: The Power of Positive Thinking

Concrete Core: Les Mills CXWORX at NIFS

Using Battling Ropes for Training

Is Butter Really Better for You?

Train Like an Athlete with Help from NIFS

Summer Sledding: Using Sleds for Fitness

Keep Up with NEAT: Less Sitting and More Calorie Burning

Get an A+ in Back-to-School Nutrition

How Getting Outdoors Helps Your Well-Being

The Carb Conundrum: Avoid Them for Weight Loss and Healthy Eating?

Ankle Mobility: Lower-Leg Stretches to Improve ROM and Decrease Injury

Macronutrients: The What, Why, and How of Tracking for Healthy Eating

The Do-Something Motivation Principle: Nike Was Right!

The Keto Diet: A Registered Dietitian’s Review

Walk This Way: Why You Should Walk More

Happy Playmore: 5 Movement Tips to Stay on the Golf Course Longer

The Nutritional Benefits of Eating Breakfast

Tips for Making Healthy Choices in the Face of Decision Fatigue

Get Moving with Improved Hip-Mobility Warmups

In Training, Consistency Is the Key to Your Fitness Goals

Upper-body Workouts: Try the UBE Equipment in the Fitness Center

How to Get in the Flow with Your Workouts

The Inside Scoop on Group Fitness from NIFS Instructor Tasha Nichols

3 Simple Rules to Train When You Have Pain

Are You Eating Enough Fruits, Vegetables, and Other Whole Plant Foods?

More Than Just Crunches: A 360-degree Approach to Core Training

Swim, Bike, Run: Get Ready for Triathlon Fun

The Ripple Effect: Four Ways to Change Lives with a Positive Attitude

Back Away from the Sugar: Making Better Nutrition Choices

Are You Joining the NIFS Triathlon Training Program This Year?

The Benefits of Physical Activity: Mind, Body, and More

Throw Out Your Exercise Excuses with Fitness Spring Cleaning

Balancing Act: How to Improve Your Balance—and Quality of Life

Fresh Foods for Healthy Spring Meals

Step Class: Step Up to a New Level of Fitness!

Hamstrings for the Win: Avoid Common Leg Day Mistakes

Warming Up with Back Pain

Win the Day, Not the Lottery: Daily Success in Fitness Training

Marching Orders: Creating Stability Using Marching Exercises

Spring Forward with Quick, Healthy Breakfasts

Update Your Fitness Routine: Add Variety to Enhance Your Health

Cycling at NIFS: The Low-Impact, Calorie-burning Group Fitness Workout

Step Class: Step Up to a New Level of Fitness!

March Is National Nutrition Month! 10 Tips for Healthy Eating

Wood Chipper: How to Be More Efficient, Productive, and Successful

Better Sleep = Healthier Living

How to Superset Like a Boss: Speedy Workouts with Big Results

New Year, Same You: Enhance Your Life with Goals and Habit Changes

Your Keys to Fitness Victory: Set a Deadline and Get Help at NIFS

Heart-Healthy Trends: Weighing Nutrition News

Fight Back Against Back Pain: Fitness and Wellness Solutions

Tricks of the Trade: Exercise Coaching Cues to Avoid Injury and Pain

Flu Fighting Foods: Boost Your Immunity This Winter

Improve Your Weakness: Train Your Fitness Flaws

Healthy Lifestyle: Three Key Ways to Prevent Disease and Illness

Back to Exercise Basics: The Split Squat

Which Is Healthiest: Fresh, Frozen, or Canned Produce?

Bulletproof Your Health and Fitness New Year’s Resolutions

Leg Day Workouts for Non-Squat Enthusiasts

Healthier Recipes for New Year’s Day Food Traditions

New Year, New Weight: Burning Calories for Weight Loss

Holiday Fitness: Equipment That Fits in Your Suitcase

How to Maintain Healthy Eating During the Holidays

Healthy Technology Use: 5 Steps to Controlling Your Cell Phone

BOSU Returns: 4 Reasons to Come to a Class at NIFS

Helpful Kitchen Gadgets for Balanced Eating

Foam Rolling: The Next Big Thing in Pain Relief and Injury Prevention

She Said She Could, SO SHE DID!: From Novice to Marathoner to Coach

What Is "Good Posture" (and How Is It Related to Movement)?

Thanksgiving Success Strategy: Eat Sensibly and Keep Moving

Relax and Lose Weight: How Relaxation Helps with Weight Loss

NIFS November Group Fitness Class of the Month: Circuit Training

Five Great Things About the 5th Annual NIFS Powerlifting Competition

Late-Night Snacks: Satisfy Your Craving with Healthy Eating

Get a Handle on Fitness with TRX at NIFS

Thinking About Diabetes During the Halloween Candy Season

Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Lowering Your Risk for Diabetes

A Spoonful of Fitness: Should You Work Out When You’re Sick?

Fall Superfoods: Recipes for Delicious, Healthy Eating

Cardiorespiratory Fitness: Increase Your Strength and Endurance

10 Foods That Will Keep You Satisfied with Fiber, Protein, and More

BODYJAM: The Ultimate Dance Cardio Workout

Back to Exercise Basics: The Hip Hinge

De-Stress with Results-Based Fitness at NIFS

Stress Relief with Physical Activity: Sweat Therapy

Rest for the Wicked: Recovery from High-Intensity Training

What’s In Your Gym Bag? Weight-Lifting Belts

Strength in Numbers: Benefits of Group Training

Healthy Eating Habits from Registered Dietitians

CXWORX: A Group Fitness Class for Core Strength

Get a Grip: Exercises to Increase Your Grip Strength

Overcoming Life Challenges with Fitness: You Don’t Forget the Hills

Summer Foods: Delicious Fruits and Vegetables for Healthy Eating

Powerbuilding: The Middle Ground Between Powerlifting and Bodybuilding

Yoga: What Is It, and How Do I Choose the Right Class?

Finding Your Lifetime Activity: Staying Active Should Be Fun

Are You Ready for Fitness Change? Meet the NIFS Trainers Who Can Help

It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Running Shouldn’t Be Painful

Fair Food Finds: Healthy Eating While Having Fun at the Fair

This Is 40: Fitness Checks for Active Aging Workouts

Maintain Health and Fitness at Back-to-School Time

Overhydration: Is it Possible to Drink Too Much Water?

Changing Lives: Getting Kids to Participate in Fitness and Wellness

Commonsense Weight Loss: Diet Personalities Gone Wrong

Meet Metabolism Head On: Burn More Calories and Speed Up Weight Loss

Bar Crawl: Specialty Bar Training for Powerlifting at NIFS

Get Fit While Helping Others: Fitness Fundraising Events

The Power of Positivity for Fitness Motivation

Stability and Mobility in Fitness: The Dynamic Duo of Movement

How to Eat Red, White, and Blue on the Fourth of July

It’s Summertime! Stay Safe in Your Outdoor Exercise

You Got Shoe Game? Choosing the Right Athletic Shoes for Your Workout

Managing Athletic Injuries and Setbacks with Goal-Setting

Finding the Right Workout Program (with Some Help from NIFS)

How Many Calories Are You Consuming When Dining Out?

Not a Workout Junkie? How About Swimming and Aqua Bootcamp?

Boot Camp: The Workout for All Your Fitness Goals

TRI a New Challenge This Summer—NIFS Triathlon Training Can Help!

Back to Exercise Basics: The Strong Squat

Fabulous Farmers’ Markets Make Summer Healthy Eating Easy and Fun

Don't Skip the Warm-up: Injury Prevention and Workout Performance

Taking a Break from Good Nutrition and Fitness: The “Cheat Day”

Tabata at NIFS: A High-Intensity Group Fitness Workout

Low-Calorie Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Healthy Habits: Swap the Bar for the Barre!

Short Sleeps, Big Benefits: What a Power Nap Can Do for You

Struggling to Get in Your Vegetable Nutrition? Try Frozen!

Get with the Program: 5 Benefits of Having an Exercise Plan

Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste (from a NIFS Dietitian)

There’s an App for That! Using Technology to Advance Wellness

I Don’t Always Use a Machine: The Athletic Training Platform (ATP)

Goals + Momentum = Weight Loss Success

You Can Do It! NIFS Training Helps You Meet Your Goals (Part 2 of 2)

You Can Do It! NIFS Training Helps You Meet Your Goals (Part 1 of 2)

Five Reasons to Try the Turkish Get-up Movement

Sleep Deficiency Hinders Weight Loss, So Try Better Sleep Habits

Out with the Old: Change Your Workout to Improve Wellness

Fad Diet Book Bestsellers for Weight Loss: Buy or Skip?

New Year’s Resolution Dropout? Get Your Wellness Goals Back on Track

Green Nutrition: Healthy St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

5 Core Exercises That You Should Be Doing

Flexibility vs. Mobility in Fitness: Why Not Both?

My NIFS Slim It to Win It 2018 Team: The Resistance

Five Questions About Healthy Eating Habits for Your Heart

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Winter Fitness on Track

5 Reasons to Get a Workout Buddy: Motivation & Accountability

Going for Gold: NIFS Winter Olympics Special Exercises

Sports Nutrition: Feeding a(n) (Olympic) Village

Caffeine Free: Breaking the Habit

Weight Loss and Weight Management: Take It Off, Keep It Off!

Fitness Rescue 911: New Workouts for the New Year

Culture Club: How to Be a Strong Member of a Fitness Community

NIFS Group Fitness Class of the Month: BODYPUMP

Which Fitness Assessment is Right for Me? Part 3: BOD POD®

Core Exercises to Take You from Snore to ROAR!

Physical Education: Overcoming Bad Gym Class Experiences

Which Fitness Assessment Is Right for Me? Part 2: Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

The Challenge with Challenges: NIFS Slim It to Win It 2019

Jump-start Your January: Nutrition and Weight Loss for the New Year

Which Fitness Assessment Is Right for Me? Part 1: VO2

What to Eat: Nutrition Before a Long Run or Workout

Readiness and Durability: Better Movement Warmups for Fitness Training

NIFS December Group Fitness Class of the Month: PiYo

How Does TRX Help Your Workout? Try It at NIFS!

Staying Well in the Winter: Tips for Cold-weather Wellness

How the Half-Kneeling Workout Position Helps with Movement

Back to Exercise Basics: The Proper Push-up

5 Reasons to Add Carries to Your Workouts

NIFS Group Fitness Class of the Month: Les Mills BODYATTACK

Thanksgiving Food and Healthy Eating Myths Busted

Eat Better, Work Better? Three Nutrition Tips for Productivity

Get into the Exercise and Healthy Eating Mindset Before the Holidays

Powerlifting Prep Lesson #3: The Deadlift

Are You Getting Enough Sleep? Simple Solutions for Beating Insomnia

Fabulous Fall Recipes for Delicious Nutrition

Powerlifting Prep Lesson #2: The Bench Press

NIFS October Group Fitness Class of the Month: BodyJam

Game of Inches: 5 Tips to Help You Stay Committed to Your Fitness Goal

NIFS Powerlifting Prep Lesson #1: The Squat

Fall Fitness in Indiana: The Perfect Weather for Outdoor Exercise

7 Reasons to Track Your Fitness Progress

The Benefits of Logging Workouts into a Fitness App

Turning Irrational Exercise Habits into a Healthy Lifestyle

Choosing a Fitness Professional: Finding the Right One for You

NIFS September Group Fitness Class of the Month: CXWORX

NIFS Personal Trainer Takes on a Triathlon Challenge (Part 3)

Five Tips for Staying Fit in College

I Want a New Drug: Using Exercise as Medicine

Six Reasons to Join a Gym or Fitness Center

Steer Clear of Overtraining in Your Workouts

4 Quick Workouts for Students

Is Metabolism the Reason You’re Having Trouble with Weight Loss?

Balancing Academics and Fitness in College

NIFS Personal Trainer Takes on a Triathlon Challenge (Part 2)

Coconut Oil: Good or Bad Nutrition?

NIFS August Group Fitness Class of the Month: Yoga

Small Group Training EXPRESS: Get a 30-Minute Strength Workout

The Hidden Wellness and Fitness Benefits of Yoga

Would Metabolic Testing for Fitness Benefit You?

Stand-up Paddleboarding: a Watersport for Fitness

Focus on Fluids: Summer Hydration Made Easy

NIFS July Group Fitness Class of the Month: BODYCOMBAT

NIFS Personal Trainer Takes on a Triathlon Challenge

You’ll Never Do a Marathon? Five Reasons to Join Group Training

Short Sleeps, Big Benefits: What a Power Nap Can Do for You

Powerful Student Athlete Summer Strength and Conditioning Alternatives

Fabulous Farmers’ Markets: Nutrition and Healthy Summer Fun

Golf Warm Up: What You Should Be Doing BeforeTeeing Off

Caddy Smack 3: Strength and Power Exercises for a Better Golf Swing

Allison Anderson on the Benefits of NIFS Tri-Training

NIFS June Group Fitness Class of the Month: Mat Pilates

Short on Time? 4 Fast Exercises for When You’re in a Hurry

Hawaii 5-0: Five Island Wellness Habits We Should All Practice

NIFS Group Fitness Class: Boot Camp

Sink or Swim: Get More from Your Swimming Access

More Workout in Less Time: Incorporating the Squat and Press

Food Safety and Grilling: The Fun Way to Healthy Eating!

Exercise and Nutrition Tips for Pregnancy

You’re Not Finished Yet: Action List to Create Real Fitness Change

The Benefits of the Hip Press Exercise in Developing Glutes

Benefits of Team Training for Fitness: Motivation and More

Glute Exercises for Runners

How to Hydrate During Half Marathon Training

3 Foods to Eat Before You Run

Choosing the Best Obstacle Course Race for Your Fitness

NIFS April Group Fitness Class of the Month: TRX

Mini-Marathon Training: 3 BIG Things for Running

Weightlifting for Women: Enhance Weight Loss and More

Music as Motivation: Give Your Workout a “Tune-up”

Time Under Tension: Slowing Down Movement to Speed Up Fitness Results

Ready to Try Cycle? Here's What You Need to Know

Fitness Tips for Introverts: Find a Workout for Your Personality Type

Water Fitness: How to Get Better at Swimming

NIFS Member Kelly Dodds, 50 and Fierce, Hits a Marathon Goal

Let NIFS Help You Achieve Your Fitness New Year's Resolutions

The Danger of Yo-Yo Dieting and Weight Loss

The Incredible Bulk: What You Need to Know About Building Muscle

Bored of Your Workout Program? Try a “Wild-Card” Week

Step: Welcome to a New LEVEL of Fitness!

How to Make Weight Loss Successful

Thomas' Corner: More Moving, Less Sitting for Better Fitness

Acting Out: Make Changes for Health and Fitness (Not Excuses)

Is Chocolate REALLY Good for You? The Nutrition Behind the Treat

NIFS February Group Fitness Class of the Month: Step

Fitness Training Types: Find Your Method

NIFS Member Profile: Cody Hunter Crushes His Fitness Goals

It’s Not Too Late: Put Your Fitness Goals into Action!

Swimming in the Off Season: A Great Workout

NIFS Slim It to Win It Weight-Loss Competition 2017: Back and Better!

NIFS January Group Fitness Class of the Month: BODYPUMP

7 Benefits of Group Training for Introverts

10 Winter Fitness and Wellness Tips

Nutrition with Whole Foods: Winter Vegetables to Try

Sprint into the New Year: Do’s and Don’ts of Sprinting for Fitness

Holiday Workouts for Traveling and Getting Ready for New Year's

Posture and Fitness (Part 2): Anterior Pelvic Tilt

NIFS December Group Fitness Class of the Month: PiYo

Steps to Create Your 2017 New Year’s Resolution Training Plan

Get a Grip on It: Four Powerlifting Grips

NIFS Lifestyle Rx Program Member Robyn Britt

NIFS Dietitian Reviews Hello Fresh Meal Delivery Service

From Mini-Marathon Participant to Ironman: NIFS Leader Nick Iaria

Nutrition and Fitness Accountability to Get You Through the Holiday Season

Group Fitness Class of the Month: BODYATTACK

Game of Inches: Benefits of a Fit3D Body Composition Scan

Periodization of Your Workouts for Maximal Strength Gains

How to Get the Most Out of Indoor Cycling (Spin)

Fitness Goal Setting: Why You Should (and How NIFS Can Help)

Crucial Conversations: PRs Falling in NIFS Powerlifting Competition

Technical vs. Tactical Fitness Training

Nutrition on the Go: Can Food Trucks Provide Healthy Eating?

5 Ways to Keep Up with Workouts When College Stress Hits

5 Reasons to Compete in the NIFS 3rd Annual Powerlifting Competition

Crucial Conversations: I Have 99 Problems, But My (NIFS) Gym Isn’t One

High Intensity Training (HIT): No Pain, No Gain

THOMAS’s CORNER: How Alcohol Can Affect Your Fitness Gains

Max Results with Minimal Equipment, Part 3: TRX

The First Rule of NIFS Barbell Club: Talk About Barbell Club

Helping Picky Kids Get Better Nutrition

Software Update: Why Mindset Is Crucial to Fitness Success

Weightlifting Gear: Equipment to Enhance Training—or Ego?

Thomas’s Corner: Turn Back the Fitness and Nutrition Clock: 2006

Max Results with Minimal Equipment, Part 2: Superbands for Resistance

Max Results with Minimal Equipment, Part 1: Sliders

5 Reasons Being the Worst Improves Motivation and Fitness

Back-to-School Nutrition with Lunch Makeovers

Thomas’s Corner: Functional Training Series (Part 1)

Three Summer Training Lessons for Athletes

Managing Allergies for Outdoor Exercise and Fitness in Summer

A Hero’s Workout: Train Like a Firefighter (with Functional Movement)

Summer Nutrition: Packing a Healthy Eating Picnic

Specificity of Training: Know Your Fitness Goal and Plan Your Workouts

5 Lessons I Learned at the Wanderlust Yoga Retreat

Triathlon Swimming Training: Tips from NIFS

Safe Workouts in the Dog Days of Summer

Decoding Changes to the FDA's New Nutrition Facts Label

Posture and Fitness (Part 1): Kyphosis (Rounded Shoulders)

The Importance of Post-Season Active Rest

Bring New Life to Your Deadlift: 3 Must-Know Weightlifting Tips

How to Build Training Programs for Competitive Athletes (Part 2)

Indianapolis 500 Winners Drink Milk—For Tradition and Recovery

Are You Ready to Run Your First Full or Half Marathon?

Five Resistance-Training Mistakes that Slow Muscle-Building

How to Build Training Programs for Competitive Athletes (Part 1)

Inspiration for Inspiration: Where NIFS Trainers Get Fitness Ideas

NIFS Crucial Conversations: Stephanie Whittaker Conquers Cancer

Proud Chest: Hacking the Squat Pattern for Weightlifting

Four Reasons to Make Time for a Cool-down after a Workout

Caddy Smack Deuce: More Fitness Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

NIFS Fitness Assessments: FIT3D

Annual Checkups and Health Assessments Can Save Your Life

Goal Setting: What’s on Your Fitness Bucket List?

A Smartphone App for Health and Medical Emergencies

Nutrition and Healthy Habits: How Much Caffeine Do You Consume?

Mobility: Why Strength Training Is More Than Just Weightlifting

NIFS Heart Throbs: 5 Healthy Habits for Weight-Loss Success

Top 10 Must-Have Pantry Items for Healthy Eating

Are You Glute-n Free? The Importance of Exercises for Glutes

How Stress Affects the Body and Your Health

Allison Griner: A Complete Life Change Thanks to Weight Loss and NIFS!

Adding Nutritional Supplements to Your Diet and Workout

New USDA Guidelines: Making the Nutrition Recommendations Work

Effective Grip Strength Training Solutions

Why I Have a Passion for PiYo Fitness

Five Powerlifting Pieces to the Power Clean Puzzle

NIFS Crucial Conversations: I Took My Life Back (Part I)

NIFS Crucial Conversations: I Took My Life Back (Part 2)

Morning Exercise Benefits: Increased Metabolism and More?

Crucial Conversations: Working with a Coach or Personal Trainer

Reducing Your Added Sugar Intake for Better Nutrition

Fighting Old Man Winter: Finding Motivation in Cold Weather

Weight Loss Made Easier with Nutrition

Get Family and Friends Involved in Your Fitness Goals

Interview: NIFS Mini-Marathon Training Program Leader Andrea Kelley

Using Real Food to Fuel Endurance Workouts

Five Steps to Begin Your Weight-Loss Journey

Avoid This Goal-Setting Mistake When Making New Year’s Resolutions

Warming Up Before Your Workout

Finding Motivation to Beat the Holiday Workout Blues

Music with Workouts: Motivation or Distraction?

The Health Risks of Carrying Excess Abdominal Fat

What’s Your 2016 Running Fitness Goal? Consider Marathon Training

Five Life Lessons from the NIFS Powerlifting Competition

NIFS Online Auction, and Lifestyle Rx Program Member Burt Halstead

Training the Aging Active Adult (Part 4 of 4)

Training the Active Aging Adult (Part 3 of 4)

Preparing for Cold-Weather Running

Training the Active Aging Adult (Part 2 of 4)

Five Reasons Weightlifting and Weight Training Are Good for You

Choose Foods That Naturally Detox for Healthy Eating

Training the Active Aging Adult (Part 1 of 4)

How to Try New Group Fitness Classes

Endurance or Speed? Two Common Goals for Running

Never Give Up: Fighting Diabetes with Exercise and Diet

Top Ten Reasons to Compete in NIFS’ 2015 Powerlifting Competition

Jack Taylor: NIFS Fall Marathon Training Program Participant

The Importance of a Maintenance Phase for Athlete Training

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: NIFS Powerlifting Competition

A NEAT Way to Burn More Calories (Part 2 of 2)

How to Build a Nutrition-Packed Smoothie for Meals or Snacks

A NEAT Way to Burn More Calories (Part 1 of 2)

Tasha: Kettlebell Novice to Champion in Less Than a Year

Wakey Wakey: Why Waking Up Right Is Just as Important as Sleeping

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable: Powerful Ways to Reach Your Goals

Why Do These Stairs Kick My Butt? The Convenient Cardio Workout

Video Game Fitness: Is the Trend Here to Stay?

Top 5 Nutrition Apps for Health and Wellness

Sleep and Athletes: Are You Missing Out?

What’s in Your Luggage?: The Best Traveling Fitness Tools

Personal Trainer Lingo 101: What Are These Exercises?

Benefits of Biking for Exercise and Fitness

Should You Do Cardio or Strength Training First in Your Workout?

Training Tips for Former Athletes: Stay Fit and Motivated

50 Shades of Bruise: Non-Contact Contusions After a Workout

NIFS’s New Healthy Eating App: My Nutrition Coach

Making Sense of Cardio: Running vs. Walking

Thomas's Corner: Off the Beaten Path—Outdoor Fitness Options

Tips for Healthy Eating at Summer Barbecues

Foundations of a Strong, Healthy Body: Strength Building

MetCon Manipulation: Change Up Your High-Intensity Training (HIIT)

Thomas's Corner: Is Spot Reduction a Fitness Myth?

Fabulous Farmers’ Markets Make Healthy Eating Easy and Fun

The Benefits of Using TRX Suspension Training

Summertime Sizzle: Adding a Fitness Challenge

Foundations of a Strong, Healthy Body: Muscle Building

Are Recent Changes to Restaurant Menu Ingredients Good for You?

Foundations of a Strong, Healthy Body: Muscular Endurance

Wonder Woman: The Indy Women Fitness 2015

10 Healthy Habits of Fit People

Foundations of a Strong, Healthy Body: Cardio Workouts

Healthy Eating While Traveling

The Benefits of Incorporating Resistance Bands into Your Workout

Are You Ready to Race a Triathlon?

Five Things to Do Before EVERY Workout

Where Do “They” Come Up with These Exercise Names?

Should You Be Buying Organic Fruits and Vegetables?

Finding the Motivation to Swim Pays Off!

The Importance of Recovery After Exercise

Big Bang Theory: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Training?

The Right Attitude to Get You Moving

Pop Quiz: Check Your New Year’s Health and Fitness ReSOLUTIONS

Thomas’s Corner: Nuts About the Nutrition in Nuts

Running with Scissors: The Art of Stupidity in Fitness

Top 3 Tips for Staying Healthy in College

NIFS Ramp Up to Weight Loss Program Participant: Brian Kumle

The Nutrition Pros of Probiotics

Enhance Your Fitness with Heart Rate Training

Train Like an Athlete: Start Building a Foundation with Resistance Training

Top 5 Tips for Morning Workouts

“POWER OF 50” Workouts

5 SUPER Smoothie Add-Ins for Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating in a Hurry

To the Extreme: Gearing Up for High-Intensity Training

The Confusing World of Nutrition Bars

Powerlifting or Lifting for Power?

Learn About Cardiovascular Health During American Heart Month

The Road to the NFL Goes Through Indy [Infographic]

Bringing BOSU to Life

American Heart Month: Preventing and Living with Cardiovascular Disease

Defining Fitness Goals Is Like Wrestling with Jell-O (Part 2 of 2)

Water: The Free, Delicious Drink You’re Not Getting Enough Of

Defining Fitness Goals Is Like Wrestling with Jell-O (Part 1 of 2)

Thinking of Going Vegetarian?

Muscle Soreness Recovery Tips

How to Add Sprinting to Your Training in the New Year

Should You Work Out When You’re Sick?

Taking a Step Forward: A Fitness Lesson

“Sir! Yes Sir! May I Have Another?” The Militarization of Fitness

Staying Motivated in Your Winter Workouts

Healthy Living: Just Be Yourself

New Year, New Healthy Habits (I Hope)

New Year Fitness ReSOLUTIONS ReDEFINED: Stop Starting Over

5 Reasons to Wear a Fitness Tracker

8 Essential Winter Clothing Pieces for Runners and Walkers

Flu-Fighting Foods

NIFS Personal Training Client Robert Banta

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Setting Your 2015 Race Goals

’Tis the Season for Healthy Holiday Baking

Group Training Participant: Maura Kenny

5 Thanksgiving Day Hacks

NIFS Lifestyle Program Participant: Kim Flowers

Three Elements to Include in Your Training for Running a Faster 5K

The Fitness Puzzle: Nutrition, Workout, and Recovery

Overcoming Stress, Exhaustion, and Overtraining

Looking to Unplug? Running and Walking May Be Your Solution!

Smart Snacking for Healthy Eating and Weight Management

An October Workout with 6 Spooky Exercises

Staying Focused on Your Fitness Goals For the Rest of 2014

Sports and Character: 5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned Playing Football

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Training Alone

Why 95 Percent Effort in Your Workouts Can Be All You Need

What Elephant? Getting Past Bad Fitness and Nutrition Advice

NIFS HIT Program Participant: Carla Breinlich

Tough Sledding: Strength, Explosiveness and Metabolic Training

10 Better Ways to Do 10 Exercises (Part 3)

5 Tips for Healthy Living in College

Heavy Metal: Powerlifting Strategies Can Lead to Big Fitness Gains

Healthy Kids: Exercise May Help Improve Grades in School

NIFS Go Girl Triathlon Training Program Participant Megan Hollister

10 Better Ways to Do 10 Exercises (Part 2)

Old-School Weightlifting Gym Etiquette

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Three Group Fitness Classes to Try NOW!

10 Better Ways to Do 10 Exercises

The Battle to Keep the Right Fitness Attitude

Race Day Nutrition: Before, During, and After

Training to Improve Barefoot Running Strength and Function

“Caddy Smack”: Fitness Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

10-Minute Desk Exercise Routines for the Office

Eat Better, Work Better? Nutrition and Productivity

Shave Time Off Your Tri by Training for Triathlon Transitions

Do You Even Lift, Bro? Weightlifting for Beginners (Part 2 of 2)

Do You Even Lift, Bro? Weightlifting for Beginners (Part 1 of 2)

Summer Health Tips and Fitness Ideas

5 Tips to Stay Hydrated While You Exercise This Summer

5 Core Exercises to Make You a Better Runner

NIFS Staff in Action: 2014 Summer Showdown Challenge Sneak Peek!

What It’s Like to Be an Intern at NIFS

Incorporating the Erg Rowing Machine into Your Exercise Routine

NIFS Weight Loss and Slim It to Win It Participant: Misty Mercer

The 3 Most Common Nutrition Coaching Questions

NIFS Mini Marathon Training Program Participant: Judi Border

Top 10 Reasons to TRI a Triathlon This Year

4 Questions to Determine If You’re Ready for Your First Marathon

“Alice & Chains” Part 2: Making Your Training Functional

7 Tips for Safe Outdoor Workouts

The Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt—Plus Recipes!

“Alice & Chains” Part 1: What Is Functional Training?

Thomas' Corner: Do Crunches Guarantee “Six-Pack Abs”?

SLIM IT: Team "Cast-A-Weighs" Utilized Group Fitness Classes

Slim It to Win It: Shelli's Hard Bellies

NIFS SLIM IT TO WIN IT: Team Tank the Plankers!

NIFS SLIM IT TO WIN IT: Team “No Judgment”


The Injury Hurdle: Progressing Through Injuries

NIFS SLIM IT TO WIN IT: Weapons of Mass Reduction

Four Common Character Traits in People Who Exercise Consistently

Team Ben-A-Fits (Team 200) Workout for Slim It To Win It 2014

Thomas’ Corner: Shin Splint Showdown

SLIM IT TO WIN IT: Crystal’s Team

10 Ways to Survive Your Long Run During Half Marathon Training


Fit & Forty+ (Fabulous) Series—Increasing Your Metabolism

Thomas’ Corner: Slim-lympics Decathlon of Fitness

Fit & Forty+ (Fabulous) Series— Increasing Your Metabolism with Strength Training (Bodyweight Workout)

Thomas’s Corner: Using Tennis Balls for Self Myofascial Release

Fit & Forty+ (Fabulous) Series— Increasing Your Metabolism with Strength Training

“Fight for Air Climb” Raises Money to Beat Lung Disease

Fit & Forty+ (Fabulous) Series—Increasing Your Metabolism with Strength Training

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