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NIFS Healthy Living Blog

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Safe Meals and Snacks for Going Back to School or Work

Returning to Play and Activity Safely After Quarantine

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Choosing and Using Probiotics for Gut Health

Taking Dietary Supplements Safely: Advice from a NIFS Dietitian

Build a Bigger Engine with Aerobic Training (Part 1)

10 Emotional Wellness Insights from the Pandemic

Summertime Safety: Protect Your Skin During Outdoor Workouts

How Technology Can Promote Exercise for Today’s Youth

Self-Care for Women: Six Elements of Well-Being

Using Peppermint Oil for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

5 Tips for a Safe Return to Fitness After Quarantine

Dear Soon-to-Be and New Mommies: You Can Do This!

How a Hoosier Went Vegan: A Dietitian’s Experience

Speaks to the Soul: Music for Better Emotional and Physical Health

Work Capacity Training with Kettlebells

Keeping Engaged and on Top of Healthy Habits During the Pandemic

Meal Prep Made Simple…and Delicious!

Lockdown Lessons: Learning from a Crisis

Putting Yourself First: Healthy Habits for the Pandemic (Part 2 of 2)

Cheat Meal Is a Garbage Term—Strive for a Healthy Balance

Putting Yourself First: Healthy Habits for the Pandemic (Part 1 of 2)

Accidental Workouts: Burning Calories by Doing Things Around the House

Kids Confined: A Parent’s Survival Kit

The Stay-at-Home Athlete: Build Your Home-Based Athletic Performance Program

“We’re Not in Kansas Anymore”: Take a Breath to Relieve Stress

Perfect Posture: Why It’s Important and How to Get It

Staying on Track with Your Healthy Routine During Quarantine

What’s in Your Bunker?: Fitness Survival Gear

7 Things You Can Do to Avoid Cabin Fever

Planning Your 4 Week Meal Plan

Pivot: Ways to Adjust Your Mindset and Grow During Quarantine

Meal Planning for Kids

Nutrition Tips During COVID-19

My 7-Day Experiment with Hot/Cold Contrast Showers for Recovery

Vitamin C: How Much and Which Sources Are Best for Boosting Immunity?

Do’s and Don’ts in the Gym: Videos from NIFS Fitness Instructors

Three Drills to Develop Athletic Agility

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss: Does It Work?

Pump Up the Produce Power in Winter Meals

Just Hanging Out for Shoulder Health and Pain Relief

Fitness Equipment Tools to Try in 2020: ViPR

The Balance of Lifetime Wellness: Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor

Five Reasons to Try the Turkish Get-up Movement

Getting Started with Meatless Monday: Vegan/Vegetarian Meal Staples

Go With the Flow: Spice Up your Warm-ups Using Flow Circuits

Diversify Your Diet: Try Some Healthy New Ingredients


Winter Weight Loss and Fitness: Pushing Through the Cold

The Impact of Exercise on Chronic Disease: COPD

Dynamite in a Small Package: Mini-band Exercises You Should Be Doing

Go from Sore to SOAR! Preventing Soreness and Injury in Your Workouts

Turn Your Healthy Eating and Nutrition Resolutions into Habits

Scrooged: Growing Older Is Getting Old (Three Keys for Aging Better)

Thomas’s Top Ten: Healthy Holiday Inspirations

Productivity Hacks: Ditch the Productivity Shame Guilt Trip

10 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy While Celebrating the Holidays

Productivity Hacks: Break Up Your Time, Not Your Attention

Gut Check: Digestive Health Boosts Your Immune System

Productivity Hacks: Prioritize Tasks with the Ivy Lee Method

NIFS’s Ramp Up to Weight Loss: Setting Goals for a Healthier Life

Nutrition Label Reading 101: How to Read Your Food’s Package (Part 2)

NIFS Group Fitness Class of the Month: Les Mills BODYATTACK

Weight-Loss Goal Setting: Focus on What Your Body Can Do

Hip Thruster vs. Squat: Which Is Best for Glute Hypertrophy?

Nutrition Label Reading 101: How to Read Your Food’s Package (Part 1)

The Impact of Exercise on Chronic Disease

Melatonin and Metabolism: How Sleep Affects Your Health

The Functional Movement Screen Exercises in Depth

Productivity Hacks: Action vs. Motion—Be Productive Rather Than Busy

STRENGTH: 6 Expert Weightlifting Tips to Be Stronger Than Ever

Why Mindset Matters: The Power of Positive Thinking

Concrete Core: Les Mills CXWORX at NIFS

Using Battling Ropes for Training

Is Butter Really Better for You?

Train Like an Athlete with Help from NIFS

Summer Sledding: Using Sleds for Fitness

Keep Up with NEAT: Less Sitting and More Calorie Burning

Get an A+ in Back-to-School Nutrition

How Getting Outdoors Helps Your Well-Being

The Carb Conundrum: Avoid Them for Weight Loss and Healthy Eating?

Ankle Mobility: Lower-Leg Stretches to Improve ROM and Decrease Injury

Macronutrients: The What, Why, and How of Tracking for Healthy Eating

The Do-Something Motivation Principle: Nike Was Right!

The Keto Diet: A Registered Dietitian’s Review

Walk This Way: Why You Should Walk More

Happy Playmore: 5 Movement Tips to Stay on the Golf Course Longer

The Nutritional Benefits of Eating Breakfast

Tips for Making Healthy Choices in the Face of Decision Fatigue

Get Moving with Improved Hip-Mobility Warmups

In Training, Consistency Is the Key to Your Fitness Goals

Upper-body Workouts: Try the UBE Equipment in the Fitness Center

How to Get in the Flow with Your Workouts

The Inside Scoop on Group Fitness from NIFS Instructor Tasha Nichols

3 Simple Rules to Train When You Have Pain

Are You Eating Enough Fruits, Vegetables, and Other Whole Plant Foods?

More Than Just Crunches: A 360-degree Approach to Core Training

Swim, Bike, Run: Get Ready for Triathlon Fun

The Ripple Effect: Four Ways to Change Lives with a Positive Attitude

Back Away from the Sugar: Making Better Nutrition Choices

Are You Joining the NIFS Triathlon Training Program This Year?

The Benefits of Physical Activity: Mind, Body, and More

Throw Out Your Exercise Excuses with Fitness Spring Cleaning

Balancing Act: How to Improve Your Balance—and Quality of Life

Fresh Foods for Healthy Spring Meals

Step Class: Step Up to a New Level of Fitness!

Hamstrings for the Win: Avoid Common Leg Day Mistakes

Warming Up with Back Pain

Win the Day, Not the Lottery: Daily Success in Fitness Training

Marching Orders: Creating Stability Using Marching Exercises

Spring Forward with Quick, Healthy Breakfasts

Update Your Fitness Routine: Add Variety to Enhance Your Health

Cycling at NIFS: The Low-Impact, Calorie-burning Group Fitness Workout

Step Class: Step Up to a New Level of Fitness!

March Is National Nutrition Month! 10 Tips for Healthy Eating

Wood Chipper: How to Be More Efficient, Productive, and Successful

Better Sleep = Healthier Living

How to Superset Like a Boss: Speedy Workouts with Big Results

New Year, Same You: Enhance Your Life with Goals and Habit Changes

Your Keys to Fitness Victory: Set a Deadline and Get Help at NIFS

Heart-Healthy Trends: Weighing Nutrition News

Fight Back Against Back Pain: Fitness and Wellness Solutions

Tricks of the Trade: Exercise Coaching Cues to Avoid Injury and Pain

Flu Fighting Foods: Boost Your Immunity This Winter

Improve Your Weakness: Train Your Fitness Flaws

Healthy Lifestyle: Three Key Ways to Prevent Disease and Illness

Back to Exercise Basics: The Split Squat

Which Is Healthiest: Fresh, Frozen, or Canned Produce?

Bulletproof Your Health and Fitness New Year’s Resolutions

Leg Day Workouts for Non-Squat Enthusiasts

Healthier Recipes for New Year’s Day Food Traditions

New Year, New Weight: Burning Calories for Weight Loss

Holiday Fitness: Equipment That Fits in Your Suitcase

How to Maintain Healthy Eating During the Holidays

Healthy Technology Use: 5 Steps to Controlling Your Cell Phone

BOSU Returns: 4 Reasons to Come to a Class at NIFS

Helpful Kitchen Gadgets for Balanced Eating

Foam Rolling: The Next Big Thing in Pain Relief and Injury Prevention

She Said She Could, SO SHE DID!: From Novice to Marathoner to Coach

What Is "Good Posture" (and How Is It Related to Movement)?

Thanksgiving Success Strategy: Eat Sensibly and Keep Moving

Relax and Lose Weight: How Relaxation Helps with Weight Loss

NIFS November Group Fitness Class of the Month: Circuit Training

Five Great Things About the 5th Annual NIFS Powerlifting Competition

Late-Night Snacks: Satisfy Your Craving with Healthy Eating

Get a Handle on Fitness with TRX at NIFS

Thinking About Diabetes During the Halloween Candy Season

Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Lowering Your Risk for Diabetes

A Spoonful of Fitness: Should You Work Out When You’re Sick?

Fall Superfoods: Recipes for Delicious, Healthy Eating

Cardiorespiratory Fitness: Increase Your Strength and Endurance

10 Foods That Will Keep You Satisfied with Fiber, Protein, and More

BODYJAM: The Ultimate Dance Cardio Workout

Back to Exercise Basics: The Hip Hinge

De-Stress with Results-Based Fitness at NIFS

Stress Relief with Physical Activity: Sweat Therapy

Rest for the Wicked: Recovery from High-Intensity Training

What’s In Your Gym Bag? Weight-Lifting Belts

Strength in Numbers: Benefits of Group Training

Healthy Eating Habits from Registered Dietitians

CXWORX: A Group Fitness Class for Core Strength

Get a Grip: Exercises to Increase Your Grip Strength

Overcoming Life Challenges with Fitness: You Don’t Forget the Hills

Summer Foods: Delicious Fruits and Vegetables for Healthy Eating

Powerbuilding: The Middle Ground Between Powerlifting and Bodybuilding

Yoga: What Is It, and How Do I Choose the Right Class?

Finding Your Lifetime Activity: Staying Active Should Be Fun

Are You Ready for Fitness Change? Meet the NIFS Trainers Who Can Help

It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Running Shouldn’t Be Painful

Fair Food Finds: Healthy Eating While Having Fun at the Fair

This Is 40: Fitness Checks for Active Aging Workouts

Maintain Health and Fitness at Back-to-School Time

Overhydration: Is it Possible to Drink Too Much Water?

Changing Lives: Getting Kids to Participate in Fitness and Wellness

Commonsense Weight Loss: Diet Personalities Gone Wrong

Meet Metabolism Head On: Burn More Calories and Speed Up Weight Loss

Bar Crawl: Specialty Bar Training for Powerlifting at NIFS

Get Fit While Helping Others: Fitness Fundraising Events

The Power of Positivity for Fitness Motivation

Stability and Mobility in Fitness: The Dynamic Duo of Movement

How to Eat Red, White, and Blue on the Fourth of July

It’s Summertime! Stay Safe in Your Outdoor Exercise

You Got Shoe Game? Choosing the Right Athletic Shoes for Your Workout

Managing Athletic Injuries and Setbacks with Goal-Setting

Finding the Right Workout Program (with Some Help from NIFS)

How Many Calories Are You Consuming When Dining Out?

Not a Workout Junkie? How About Swimming and Aqua Bootcamp?

Boot Camp: The Workout for All Your Fitness Goals

TRI a New Challenge This Summer—NIFS Triathlon Training Can Help!

Back to Exercise Basics: The Strong Squat

Fabulous Farmers’ Markets Make Summer Healthy Eating Easy and Fun

Don't Skip the Warm-up: Injury Prevention and Workout Performance

Taking a Break from Good Nutrition and Fitness: The “Cheat Day”